Monday, 11 August 2008

Welcome to communities against knife crime

Welcome to communities against knife crime. On my other Blog, Enough to make the Angels Weep, I was being bogged down (or I guess that should be blogged down) with articles on knife crime, so I thought, "Hey, let's create another Blog dedicated to this blot on society.
Fair warning to readers, this Blog will not be wrapped up in pretty paper, it will 'tell it how it is'
The sad waste of life is appalling and needs to be addressed. The Prime Minister has at least one aspect right in his address yesterday on knife crime, communities should be as responsible as anyone else for putting across a message that knife crime is wrong. This should be a holistic package and people should be partnership working with existing agencies to redress this issue.
Unfortunately the Prime Minister is unavailable by email at present as the service is being worked on, as it may not be a bad idea to lobby constantly about light or non existing sentencing for the carrying of knives.

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